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Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe With Smyrna’s Cleaners

Wardrobe Cleaning with Professional CleanersAre you rapidly running out of space in your wardrobe? Struggling to find a spot for your latest fashion purchase? Any professional home cleaning service will tell you it’s time for a good clear out. Let’s face it, how much of that stuff you’ve crammed in there do you really need to keep? It’s time to get a backbone and start ditching some of those no longer fashionable or far too small to squeeze into items.

Follow These Steps And Re-discover The Back Of Your Closet:

  • Get organized. Your first step is to sort through all the items and put them into piles. For example one pile for skirts, one for tops, one for accessories and so on. Don’t worry about taking things off their hangers or folding them neatly or you’ll be doing this chore all day, and possibly even longer.
  • From each pile pick the one you wear the most. Then gather these up and put to one side.
  • Make a list of colors. From your pile of most worn items make a list of the predominant colors. With that list head back to your individual piles and pick out those that match the colors on your list. If you happen to come across something you’re extremely unlikely to wear just leave it in the pile. If you have more than a couple of items of the same color keep the one you’ll wear the most and leave the others right where they are. This selection of clothes is going to be your entire wardrobe for the next few months. While you become accustomed to the reduced choice you’ve enforced on yourself.
  • Put it all away. But don’t just pile it in the wardrobe wherever it’ll fit. Organize by silhouette and color so that you’ve got all your skirts arranged in color order and likewise trousers, jumpers etc. Then tackle the sizeable piles left lying on the floor. Gather up the same kind of items, fold them up and put in a box, that’s clearly labeled. Store somewhere dry but well away from your bedroom, to avoid being tempted to rip them open and pick something out.
  • Curb your spending habits. Resist the urge to go to the high street and buy something new. Instead, put the money to one side.
  • After a couple of months take the saved money and buy yourself something really nice. But only buy something in one of the colors on your color list.
  • Months after your clear-out you should view your wardrobe in a completely different light. By looking at silhouette and color when making your piles you’ve now got some kind of purpose, no longer being distracted and concentrating on the items that are right for you.
  • Time to add a new color to your range. Look at the colors you’ve already got, and find one that goes with them all quite nicely. When you’ve decided on a new color go back to your boxes of clothes and pick out those that match your chosen color. And if you’ve got a bit of a gap buy yourself one new item to fill it.

We recommend you to follow these steps before hiring professional services to help you in your home. It takes guts and determination to trim a closet down to a manageable size. But without that trimming you’ll struggle to keep your home organized, clean and tidy.

And have you got enough time to try out your new wardrobe? Possibly not. Free some time by hiring the services of experienced house cleaners in Smyrna. One last thing, after a year without wearing your unwanted clothes – sell, donate or recycle them.


Here’s an easy how-to-know when to get rid of your clothes guide!


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