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Save Some Dollars With These Simple Cleaning Hacks

Money-Saving Hacks From Professional Cleaners What tips and tricks the professional cleaners would share, for the benefit of us all? Ask any of the cleaners in Smyrna, which one bite-sized cleaning tips are their favorite and you’ll end up with a list as long as your arm. And we’ll get the ball rolling with a few of our own!

Detailed Cleaning Using a Sticky Note

Are you one of those people who has come to rely on the sticky note to remind you of upcoming events and things you need to buy when you next go shopping? Don’t immediately throw them in the bin when the event has passed. Run the sticky edge along your keyboard and you’ll be amazed at what gets picked up. Dirt, dust, hair and other tiny bits of detritus seem to love falling in and making their home in between your computer keys. And it’ll work on your games controller too.

Permanent Marker Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

This is a bit of magic to get rid of those permanent marker scribbles on your whiteboard. Buy yourself a dry eraser and use it to color over the permanent marker you want to remove. Wipe away and just like magic, it’ll disappear from view.

Defunk Your Sponge

We use them for washing dishes, cleaning up spills and many other things but your kitchen sponge is possibly infused with all manner of germs and bacteria. Don’t be tempted to keep throwing them away because there’s a simple and quick way to get them clean again. All you need is a microwave and a glass bowl. Soak your sponge in water, and it’s pretty important to make sure it’s soaked right through. Pop it in the microwave and put the timer on for 2 minutes at the highest power. Allow the sponge to cool after it’s been treated and then it’s ready to perform hygienically once more.

A Handy Receptacle For Those Germ-Laden Used Tissues

Winter is almost upon us and the bane of every house cleaners life is already occurring. There’s never somewhere convenient to place your tissues after they’ve been used but we have the answer. Take an empty tissue box and attach it to the one you’re currently using. Voil√†! Your very own handy used tissue receptacle, where all the germs can sit until you take them to the bin.

Weed Killing With Ease

Gardening is another past-time at this time of the year. Time to get the veg plot and flower garden ready for its winter sleep. Try this natural way to tackle your weeds using a spray bottle, washing up liquid, vinegar, and water. Use a cup of vinegar, a few drops of washing up liquid and fill the bottle to the top with some water. It’s a pretty effective solution but you should take care not to get it on any plants you want to keep.

There are plenty of handy tips in our library just give us a call and our cleaners in Smyrna will happily share some more.