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Careful Cleaning For Pet Safety

Careful Cleaning Services for Pet SafetyWhen you only have yourself to consider, where you put your cleaning products after you’ve finished cleaning is never an issue. Introducing new puppies or kittens to your household changes all that! Young pets are extremely inquisitive and will sniff, taste and swallow pretty much anything. Read this article to familiarize yourself with potential dangers and make sure you do your best to protect your pets!

Non-Toxic Cleaning Alternatives In Your Home

Dogs, cats, and other pets can be poisoned by very small amounts of toxic substances. When eaten, most cleaning products can cause a tummy upset and vomiting. Washing up liquid is one such solution along with fabric softener. Baking soda is an ideal solution to use when you have pets. It’s completely non-toxic and works well with white vinegar to clean showers, kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Try this method as an eco-friendly cleaning process instead.

Ammonia found in oven cleaners and window cleaning solutions is an irritant to the mucous membranes. Chlorine found in all-purpose cleaners and laundry detergents is a respiratory irritant that can damage skin, eyes and other membranes. Laundry detergent residue left on bedding and pet blankets can be harmful if chewed. Keep all your cleaning products in a cupboard that your pet won’t be able to get into. If your pet drinks from the toilet bowl, cleaning solutions can be ingested. Remember to put the lid down!

Flea repellent products may be toxic and essential oils are particularly dangerous for cats. The effects can often manifest themselves at a later date causing allergic reactions. Animals normally have the sense to avoid houseplants that are toxic but try and make sure that you only display safe foliage.

When pets are exploring they may have access to your shed or garage. Car care products like windscreen washer fluid and anti-freeze are particularly harmful. Anti-freeze has a sweet smell that attracts little tongues to lick it up! Make sure you secure all valeting solutions in a cupboard that is secure. Lawn fertilizers are often combined with herbicides and can cause cancer particularly in dogs. De-icing salts used to melt snow and ice also pose a hazard as paws that are licked after walking on the salts may cause problems with the intestines as well as burning the paws themselves.

If you’re moving house, hosting a special event or simply need help with a thorough deep cleaning service of your property, contact a trusted company such as Cleaning Smyrna. They employ cleaners who follow safe practices when taking care of homes with pets. Choose this home cleaning service with pets care safety as their priority.

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